BS 431 S 29
PREMIUM 1.4057
AISI / SAE 431



Technical datasheet (PDF) Technical datasheet
€co-Präz® 300 €co-Präz
500 mm  
Steel Guide Information in the STEEL GUIDE
Alternatives in the STEEL GUIDE
Precision round steel without machining allowance PRS
  1,000 mm
Standard values to PREMIUM HSS PM 23 Standard values
Chemical designation: X17CrNi16-2
Working hardness: approx. 32 HRC (approx. on delivery) up to 47 HRC
hardness (deliv. cond.): max. 331 HB

Chemical composition

C Si Mn P S Cr Ni
0,12 0 0 0 0 15,0 1,5
- - - - - - -
0,22 1,0 1,5 0,04 0,03 17,0 2,5
Technical properties Technical properties
Martensitic chromium steel with high strength (tempered condition) and good corrosion resistance (added nickel). It is easy to weld and is conditionally acid resistant. The material has poor forgeability.
Applications Applications
The High Speed Steel BS 431 S 29 is suitable for the following applications: Mechanical engineering, automotive industry, oil and petrochemical industry, aviation, food industry, soap industry, acetic acid industry, shafts, pump parts, perforated plates, spindles, piston rods, valve cones, turbine blades.

The Corrosion Resistant Steel BS 431 S 29 is available as €co-Präz® and as Precision round steel without machining allowance.

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