BS 410 S 21
PREMIUM 1.4006
AISI / SAE 410



Technical datasheet (PDF) Technical datasheet
€co-Präz® 500 €co-Präz
500 mm  
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Standard values to PREMIUM 1.4034 Standard values
Chemical designation: X12Cr13
Working hardness: approx. 25 HRC (delivery condition) up to 31 HRC
hardness (deliv. cond.): max. 252 HB

Chemical composition

C Si Mn P S Cr Ni
0,08 0 0 0 0 11,5 0
- - - - - - -
0,15 1,0 1,5 0,04 0,03 13,5 0,75
Technical properties Technical properties
Corrosion resistant, martensitic steel (tempered condition), which showes good mechanical and good corrosion resistance in moderately aggressive substances. It has a low susceptibility to embrittlement, is polishable to a high gloss and can be used at temperatures up to 400°C.
Applications Applications
The Corrosion Resistant Steel BS 410 S 21 is suitable for the following applications: Hydraulic engineering, mechanical engineering, pump industry, oil industry, petrochemical industry, decorative uses, kitchen equipment, food industry, environmental technology, energy technology (hydroelectric power).

The Corrosion Resistant Steel BS 440 S 21 is available as €co-Präz®.

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